Prepare to get Dynamic search set up in your webshop

Prepare to get Dynamic search set up in your webshop

If you need to get the Dynamic search feature enabled and set up in your webshop and you choose the "Separate instant search and full search" option, you need to prepare a blank search page for the helloretail search feature to use – for displaying the full search results.

Please create a new blank page (including header and footer) in your webshop. The new page should look just like any other page but without any content other than the header and footer. Hello Retail will then provide the content consisting of the Dynamic search.

Empty page provided by a shop:

 Same page with the Hello Retail Dynamic search: 

Give the new page a url like "" and share this page with Hello Retail by pasting the url of this new the page in your Hello Retail account. Below you can see where to paste it.

First you need to create a new search configuration. You do this by navigating to Search > Configurations and click Create new:

You can then choose the desired default design and then input the url for the blank page you created in the field URL for your full search page. Please note, that you don't include your domain, so only enter

Click Create separate search configuration and you are ready to test your search. See how to do that here.


Here’s an example, of how the search results page is looking for a helloretail customer - once the Dynamic search feature from helloretail has been implemented (on top of the blank page - they provided):


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