Product pitch

You can read all about Hello Retail Search [link to]here.

Customer options

The customer can tweak the following options via their Hello Retail user page. Note: all options can be tweaked via the Supervisor as well.

Search settings

Search terms that boost specific products

The customer can specify search terms that lead to specific products - specify a search string, and pair it with a product URL. When a website user enters this string as a search term, the paired product URL is boosted to the top of the results.


Search terms that boost specific products page


Search terms that remove specific products

The opposite of the above - enter a string, and pair a product URL. When the string is entered in the search box, the product is suppressed, even though we should match it.

Stop words

Dunno what this does.


The customer can specify synonyms - i.e. words that should match other words.

Backend options

Before the Front End Developer can work on creating a search solution, you'll need to create search configurations for him to work on.

From the website overview, click "Search" in the top navigation bar (see Screenshot 1). You are now directed to the search configuration page. Here, you can use the quick-add buttons to quickly create configurations for instant and full search (see Screenshot 2) - choose what the customer needs.

Note: if you see a red message near the top of the search configuration page, with the message "Search is not enabled for this website. Live search configurations will not work for regular users.", you'll need to navigate to the customer overview and activate it by ticking off the "Search" checkbox, and clicking "Save enabled features" (see Screenshot 3).


Screenshot 1: placement of search configuration link on the website overview page


Screenshot 2: placement of quick-add buttons on the search configuration page


Screenshot 3: enabling search on the website

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