How to improve tracking for Newsletter Content

How to improve tracking for Newsletter Content

In this guide, you can read and learn about how to better track your users behavior and help you display more relevant products to your users, meanwhile increasing your conversion rate. 

What is the purpose of this and how does it work?


Increase conversion and provide a better user experience for your customers. 


We will achieve this by inserting an email tracker to links in your newsletters.

Customers emails will be connected with the corresponding link that tells Hello Retail, customer A clicked on link B. With this information, we can suggest better products for your customers and they will therefore be more willing to buy.

How to insert the tracking code into your newsletter

The basics about the code

This code will work for all of our supported Mail Platforms. Check out this page to see the whole list or navigate to this page to click directly on the mail platform that you use. Scroll down in this guide and you will see each providers code.

The following tracking code is needed to be inserted and by default looks like this:


(The orange part has to be replaced with email shortcode/tag from your mail platform) 


E.g. for MailChimp, it will look like: 


Find your newsletter provider here:

You can copy the relevant shortcode depending on which provider you use.


MailChimp: ?aw:userEmail=*|EMAIL|*
Active Campaign: ?aw:userEmail=%EMAIL%
Campaign Monitor: ?aw:userEmail=[email]
Ubivox: ?aw:userEmail={{}}
Apsis: ?aw:userEmail=##SubscriberEmail##
Responsys: ?aw:userEmail=$EMAIL_ADDRESS_$
BizWizard: ?aw:userEmail=$$$$
Get A Newsletter: ?aw:userEmail=##email##
BullSender: ?aw:userEmail=%%emailaddress%%
SendinBlue: ?aw:userEmail={EMAIL}
MailerLite: ?aw:userEmail={$email}
MarketingPlatform: ?aw:userEmail=%%emailaddress%%
Compost / Carma: ?aw:userEmail=!!Email_Address!!
HeyLoyalty: ?aw:userEmail={}
Klaviyo: ?aw:userEmail={{ email }}
Nomiro: ?aw:userEmail=%Email%
MailCamp: ?aw:userEmail=%%emailaddress%%
SmartFocus: ?aw:userEmail={{EMAIL}}
Emarsys: ?aw:userEmail=$E-Mail$
Rule: ?aw:userEmail=[Subscriber:email]
Omnisend: ?aw:userEmail={{email}}

Inserting the tracking code

Now we will insert the tracking code into a link, then it should look like:*|EMAIL|*

We highlighted the area of the tracking code from the rest of the link.

You have now completed the process of inserting the code into your links. 

Example - How to add better tracking to MailChimp

In this example, we will show how to insert the tracking code into MailChimp.

This is how to add better tracking into MailChimp


If you have any questions about this guide, then please contact Support or your designated account manager about this.

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