Test elements from helloretail

Test elements from helloretail

Review the completed recommendations and search

As soon as our developers have finished building the recommendations and/or search, we will contact you for a review. Nothing will be put live on your site before you give us the go ahead.

Our system allows you to preview the finished product on your site, in your browser – just as a customer will see it when we go live. But it's only visible to you and us.


To review our recommendations and search the first thing you need to do is log into the helloretail business user account associated with the webshop. When logged in, you can open another tab or browser window and navigate to your webshop.

On your webshop, you'll notice the blue helloretail logo located at the bottom left confirming that you are logged in:


Press it and a panel expands. This panel lets you control what you see along with a few other things.

All recommendations in review will have a red "SHOW" button and clicking it will show the corresponding recommendation. You need to navigate to the relevant page on your site to be able to activate the recommendations - you have to be on the front page to see the front page recommendations, on a product page to see the product page recommendations and so forth.

Once the recommendations are visible, you can click around the shop, and they'll remain visible. Press the blue helloretail icon to hide the panel and get the correct impression of how your site looks with the added recommendations.

Dynamic Search

Dynamic Search consists of instant and full search and they are both activated by default when you log into you helloretail business account. So you don't have to press anything to test it out. Just click the search field and type away - watch helloretail suggests products from you entire catalog as you type. Click enter and the full search is presented, giving you a full page of suggestions.

Are you happy?

The idea is to give you a complete impression of how your site will look and feel with the helloretail solution before your customers get to enjoy it. So please take some time and make sure, everything works as expected. We test our service extensively, but you know your site and products better than anyone - so you can provide the best feedback. If you have corrections, we will fix it, and you can see the changes.

If you're happy with the result, we'll press a few buttons, and we're live!

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