Dashboard Search Analytics

Dashboard Search Analytics

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When you log into your Hello Retail account, the first thing you see is the Dashboard. Here you are presented with various segments containing quick insight into valuable data about your shop. One of these segments is about Search. You can not only see data about your search but also take action on the data presented.

Top searches without results

Here you will be presented with searches performed by customers that did not return any results. So, the customer was looking for something specific but was not able to find anything relevant either because they spelled it too wrong for Hello Retail to detect or they were searching for products not in your shop. Of course we don't want the search to come up emptyhanded when the customer came to your shop with the intent to look for something specific.

Under Actions you are able to steer the customer to something relevant - either by a synonym to help the customers find the actual products they were looking for, or to something related if your shop does not carry the product. That way you can ensure that the customers are not leaving your shop because they found nothing. Read below for more details on the Actions.

Top search results

Your most popular search terms will be listed here which, of course, is valuable information. You will instantly know what customers are looking for on your shop, and you can react to the information if needed, by either creating synonyms or redirects. You can use a synonym to add another similar popular brand to a search, for example. Of course, if you are stocked up on products relevant to the popular search terms, no actions may be needed.


Creating a synonym means that you will create a synonym to a specific search term. For example, if your shop sells sneakers, but you can see in the dashboard, that many customers are searching for "trainers" without getting results, you can add a synonym to "trainers", namely "sneakers". Then a search for "trainers" will automatically also be a search for "sneakers", and the customer will be presented with relevant search results.

In the above example, the shop can see that the search term "pelle peööe" has been entered several times and there were no results. They can then add the synonym "Pelle Pelle" and make sure that relevant results from the brand Pelle Pelle will be presented.


Other than synonyms, you can also add a redirect. A redirect will direct the customer to a predefined URL when inputting a specific search term. 

As shown below, you input a URL under Redirects, and then any customer inputting the specific Search term will be redirected to that URL. A good example for when you could do this, is when you see search terms that are not directly related to products, which is something Hello Retail is not optimized for. For example, you might see that customers are searching for "Opening hours" which would not relate to any products Hello Retail could find. Instead, you can make a redirect leading any customer making that search directly to a page with your opening hours.

You can read a bit more about redirects here.

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