Introduction to addwish wishlist

Introduction to addwish wishlist

Why should I use the Hello Retail addwish wishlist on my webshop?

A wishlist is a great way to improve the user experience on your site. Having a wish list means that customers can save products that they otherwise would have forgotten. Next time they are browsing but aren’t quite sure if they want to buy it they can add to their wish list or save for later list.

The Hello Retail wish list makes it super easy for users to share these lists online which can really help to push high traffic conversion back to your site. It’s a lightweight add on that can help to keep customers engaged on your site.

How does it work?

The wish list is added to your webshop in the form of a widget. It pops up when users look at products so that they can easily add items to lists. Once they’ve added a product to their list they have the option to create a new list or edit and rename the existing one. They can create an Hello Retail account which will let them share their lists. Or, they can choose to continue without creating an account and will still be able to add products to their list.

Here’s how the Hello Retail widget appears on Coolshop.dks homepage. (It’s in the bottom right-hand corner).


If customers do create an account then they can edit and add to their wishlist through accessing it from the main Hello Retail site This is where they are shown inspiration lists. These inspiration lists use our recommendations technology to generate personalized product recommendations based on their browsing behavior.

If you use the Hello Retail wishlist on your site your products will automatically be included in these inspiration lists. This means that if one of your products is highly relevant for a customer it will be shown on their list even if they have never visited your site before. This exposes your products to a new audience who have a high probability of conversion.

Can I choose how the Hello Retail wishlist widget looks on my website?

You can choose the placement and color of the widget. You can also choose whether you want to show it all customers on your site or just those who already have an Hello Retail account.

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