Hello Retail JavaScript snippet

Hello Retail JavaScript snippet

The Hello Retail JavaScript snippet is the beating heart of our product: without these few lines of code, clients are unable to use our services.

With the script installed (and the site setup up correctly in the Hello Retail Supervisor), most of the Hello Retail services are available to the customer. The script ensures that we can collect traffic data, product data, etc. on the site.

Every customer has a unique JavaScript snippet, the difference being the client ID embedded in the code.

There are no options available to the user.

If, for whatever reason, you need to find a user's JavaScript snippet, head to the customer overview page - see an example here.

The Hello Retail JavaScript snippet is only part of the story; the customer also needs to be set up correctly in the Hello Retail Supervisor.

First, the user must sign up for an account on business.addwish.com. If the client does this without error, the website is recognized as online by our systems as soon as the snippet installation is complete.

Sometimes, however, the customer may have inadvertently made an error in the setup process, which might result in our systems not recognizing the script. Below, I'll describe the most common pitfalls.

Check to see if the client has entered the website URL correctly. You can do this on the website overview - see here. Note that the URL mustn't include a leading https:// or www.

As discussed, the JavaScript snippet includes the client ID. Sometimes, the client inadvertently uploads a script with the wrong ID. Check to see whether the ID is correct, and send the customer the correct snippet if it's not.

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