Exporting historical orders from DanDomain

Exporting historical orders from DanDomain

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As a way of sending historical orders from a DanDomain webshop to helloretail business, an export can be set up using the following method:


1) Navigate to the Import/Export-section, and choose Export. Then select XML as format and specify that it is the Orders that should be exported.


2) Next up, select the following information to be included in the export (Danish labels):

  • Ordre > 'Ordrenummer', 'Oprettet dato', 'Totalpris'
  • Kunde > 'Email'
  • Ordrelinjer > 'Produktnummer', 'Produktnavn'


3) Then, select the interval that the export should cover. In this example an interval based on order date is used:


4) Review your export details, and click Start, to begin building the export-file:


5) Then finally, download the feed and send it to support@helloretail.com - who will set up the feed as a manually, run-once job:

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