Manual Setup

Manual Setup

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This guide serves as a reference for external developers who are involved in setting up or developing extensions to integrate a shop platform with Hello Retail. Its purpose is to provide instructions on integrating data such as feeds and conversion tracking, enabling you to subsequently configure our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) solutions.

The guide is divided into several sub-guides, each addressing the necessary steps in detail.

If you encounter any difficulties while following this guide, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

For API documentation related to the endpoints of our CRO solutions, please refer to our developer documentation.

Extension UI requirement:

If you are creating an extension, the extension requires some interaction with the user, so that user-specific information can be entered. If you are not creating an extension, you can skip this part.

The extension needs to provide a simple UI where the following three things can be accomplished:

  • Generate and save a random key for the data feed access authentication.
  • Insert container Divs <div> with specifically provided ID's at targeted locations throughout the site (This one is not strictly required).

1: Tracking requirements

The basis of all Hello Retail products is a thorough analysis of customer data and habits. This analysis, of course, is based on data obtained through customer interaction with the shop. Therefore, it is crucial that customer tracking is set up correctly for the shop to benefit from Hello Retail fully.

Guide to set up tracking on the webshop

2: Data synchronization requirements

A complete overview of the webshop's products and orders is crucial — follow this guide to set up automatic synchronization.

Guide to data synchronization

3: Markup insertion requirements

For Hello Retail to be able to correctly display and place either Product Recommendations or Search, you need to prepare the webshop with a few snippets of additional code.

Guide to markup preparations

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