Hello Retail API credentials

Hello Retail API credentials

To use the Hello Retail resource API you need to know your website Uuid and you need to have an API key.

Log in to your business account on https://helloretail.com/ and follow below instructions on how to find them:

Website Uuid:

To obtain your website Uuid you click on the website you want in your website list.

This will take you to the dashboard of that website.

From here you click on the settings tab in the bottom of the left side menu, and then click website settings.

Here you will be able to see the website Uuid as the last thing in the "General" section


API key:

To obtain an API key you need to navigate to the API Keys tab either in the left menu bar or in the top right dropdown menu.

Here you will see an input field where you can write an identification tag for the API key you are about to create.

Since this key is to be used for queueing product feed runs you could call it "queue product feed runs", but it is entirely up to you.

When you have given it a tag you then hit the create button and an API key should be generated and shown on the page.

Be very cautious about who you share this key with, safeguard it the same way you would your password to your Hello Retail account.


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