Upsell recommendations

Upsell recommendations

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Upsell recommendations are one of the many product recommendation options that Hello Retail offers. The concept is simple: when the customer adds a product to the cart, product recommendations appear related to the product just added to the cart, including buy buttons (if your shop platform supports it). The products can then easily be added to the cart.

The recommended products can be generated based on any of the Hello Retail algorithms, where an obvious choice would be "products other customers bought" with the product just added to the cart. It is also possible to add specific products manually, if, for example, you also sell a particular battery for an electrical product. You can read more about that here.



The setup is simple and, in most regards, no different from the other product recommendation options. The main difference is that while other product recommendations load with the page, the upsell recommendations load when the customer clicks the "add to cart" button. Therefore, Hello Retail needs to be able to determine when that happens. We do that by monitoring the "add to cart" button action, and for that, we need to input an "add to cart" button ID, for our system to monitor. To input this ID, log into Hello Retail and navigate to Recommendations -> Overview and click the relevant upsell recommendation to access the settings. Under Design, locate the Buy Button input field. Here you input the ID related to your shops "add to cart" button.

The ID can be different from shop to shop, but you can see a specific example here:

Note the added "#" before the ID in the input field in the settings—this is the HTML syntax for "ID," which needs to be added. If you are having trouble identifying what to input in the Buy Button input field, don't hesitate to contact us.

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