Textalk Installation Guide

Textalk Installation Guide

Note: If you have any difficulties with the Textalk system in terms of following any of these steps, please contact Textalk support.

Installing the Hello Retail script snippet

Note: You will have to get a custom script from the Hello Retail support, to make sure the tracking is done right on the Textalk platform. Once you have received your custom script, follow the guide below.

  • Log in to the admin part of your web shop. Navigate to Apperance > Themes (Utseende > Teman).
  • Click Edit (Redigera) on your current theme and go to Site header (Sidhuvud) under Content (Innehåll).
  • Click the source code icon (< >) and paste your script in the text field and click OK.

Add conversion tracking

You will need to a Google Tag Manager account to be able to add conversion tracking.
Follow this guide: Tracking carts & conversions on Textalk via Google Tag Manager

Product feed

For us to know your products we need a product feed or a price file as they also are called. We will automatically get this information through our API integration with Textalk. 

Setup API 

To setup, your Textalk shop with Hello Retail log into your Textalk admin here: https://shop.textalk.se/se/editor/

How to find or generate a API Key for Textalk

Navigate to: Inställningar Externa kopplingar API-nycklar, here click the Redigera-button.

Now in the top left to add a new API Key by clicking "Lägg till".

Fill out the fields and select "Aktiv" as shown above.

Now copy the API-nyckel from the field and save it, so you can enter it into your Hello Retail account. 


Configuring your Textalk Shop API 

Follow this first-time setup guide to get started using Textalk with Hello Retail.

The guide above only shows you how to make sure, Hello Retail get the API from Textalk.

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