Starweb Installation Guide

Starweb Installation Guide

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Enable the Starweb integration

To get started with Hello Retail on your Starweb webshop, you will need to initially contact Starweb support, who will then in turn enable an integration between the two parties. Once completed, the general Hello Retail tracking script, as well as conversion- and cart tracking, will be added to your webshop.

Share your product data with Hello Retail

In order to ensure an optimal performance of the various services provided by Hello Retail,  it is important that the latter receives good, descriptive data about all the products and categories, as well as the orders that are made, on your webshop.

To share this data, you should use Starweb's API integration. The individual steps for this is listed below:

Step 1: From the menu navigate to: Inställiningar > Kopplingar > Starweb API. (see image below)

Step 2:  Inside the section Starweb API > API -> Select "Hantera API-klienter" to create a new API-integration for Hello Retail.

Step 3: Within API-Klienter create a new API by clicking "Lägg till ny klient".

Final Step: To create and set up the API you need to insert the following values:

- Klient-id: you can name this whatever you want. E.g your-shopname

- API-grupp: From the drop-down, select the option "Hello Retail".

- Rättigheter: Select the options; Produkter, Kategorier and Ordrar.

Step 5: Right after you created the API-Integration the first time, you will be able to see the Client secret / Klienthemlighet. Copy this and send it to Hello Retail together with your self-made Client ID / Klient-id.

You have now successfully added an API-integration for Hello Retail and we will now be able to set up our services for you. 

Create a blank search page for Hello Retail Search

The following section is only relevant for setups involving a dedicated full search page

Step 1: Navigate to Utseende > Sidor:

Step 2: Choose to add a new page (via: "Lägg till ny sida"):

Step 3: Give this new page a reasonable name, e.g.: Search results:


Note Unfortunately you can't use the name "Sökresultat" (sokresultat) for this page name – as it's a reserved page name in Starweb.


Step 4: Remember to remove the page header (via: "Dölj huvudrubrik") to make sure the page is blank:


Now Save your changes.

Note Step 5–12 of this section is usually not needed to be followed. Skip to step 13, unless you are told otherwise.

Step 5: As the next step, you'll have to navigate to Utseende > Menyer:

Step 6: Here, choose to add a new menu (via: Lägg till ny meny):

Step 7: Give this new menu a suitable name, e.g. Menu (or as here: "Meny"):


Remember to Save your changes.

Step 8: Now you'll have to edit this new menu, by adding all the pages you would like in the navigation.
Here the key is to replicate the structure of the default menu called Standardmeny, as we can not hide the new blank search page from the default Standardmeny menu. So when creating this new menu, remember to leave out the newly created search page: 

Remember to Save your changes.

Step 9: As the final step, you have to navigatee to Utseende > Teman:

Step 10: Now choose to edit your theme:

Step 11: Here you'll have to edit the menu ("Meny"):

Step 12: When editing the menu, choose the newly create menu you've created in the above steps:


Remember to Save your changes.

Step 13: Once this new blank search page and menu has been published to the webshop, please share the new blank search page URL with Hello Retail - to finalize the setup process of dynamic search.
The new blank search page URL should look something like this: http://YOUR_WEBSHOP_DOMAIN/page/searchresults if you called your page Searchresults.

Configure Webshop

After the installation setup of your platform and the onboarding flow, make sure to have your webshop configured. Read this guide here on how to do so:

Configure Webshop

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