Different Types of Product Recommendations

Different Types of Product Recommendations

In this guide, you can read and learn about the different types of product recommendations features available.

Also, you can read about the general suggestions on how to best strategize and utilize these on pages for your webshop to support different use cases.

Front page

For the front page, the typical strategy would be to have as dynamic and engaging content. This can be achieved by adding two boxes;

  • one showing the most popular products
  • one re-showing the products to the visitor that they have just recently been browsing at.

Product pages

For product pages, it is recommended to show two boxes;

  • one showing related products to the current product being viewed
  • one showing alternative or popular products in the respective category.

Category pages

For category pages, it could be beneficial to show top products from the respective category.

Basket/Cart page

For the basket or cart page, it can be a good idea to leverage the opportunity for prodct recommendations as a way to tease the visitor to purchase additional products.

In this case, it could be good to display either; 

  • related products to the already added products in the basket/cart
  • products that the visitor have just recently been browsing at. This could potentially be filtered by price in order to achieve free shipping.

404 page

For the 404 page, it could be a good objective to employ product recommendations as a way to redirect the visitor on a not found page to something else quickly.

In this use case, the most common would be to show the most popular products from across the shop.

The "no search results found" page

The same strategy suggestion from the 404 page applies to the "no search results found" page. In any cases where the current search solution is unable to find any relevant results. from the query then display the most popular products from across the shop.

Landing pages

If you have a blog or any other kind of marketing related landing page, then it could also be a good idea to embed product recommendations on these pages. Two examples;

  • most commonly to show the most popular products
  • if the landing page or blog post is about a specific product then related products could be displayed.

Upselling steps

For upselling, there are a few different tactics on how to best enable this by either: 

  • directing the visitor to a specific upselling page after they have added a product to their basket
  • a  pop-up being triggered after a product has been added to the basket. For this, it could be a good idea to display related products to the item that was just added to the basket
  • The upsell recommendations can also be added directly to the product page activated by a "add to basket" button click.


If you have any questions about this guide, then please contact Support or your designated account manager about this.

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