Different types of Product recommendations

Different types of Product recommendations

Product recommendations from Hello Retail can be used in many different scenarios; below you'll find a list of typical cases we see and recommend customers to use:

Front page
Typical we recommend customers to have dynamic and engaging content on their front page, this can be achieved by adding two boxes, one showing the most popular products and one re-showing products to the visitor recently have been browsing.

Product pages
On product pages, we also typically recommend showing two boxes, one showing related products to the current product being views as well as one showing alternative or popular products in the same category.

Category pages
Using product recommendations on category pages is also beneficial, here we recommend showing top products from the actual category.

Basket/Cart page
Leveraging the power of product recommendation on the basket/cart page is a great way to tease a visitor to purchase additional products, here we recommend to display related products to the basket/cart content - potentially filtered by price, to achieve free shipping.

404 page
Adding product recommendations to your 404 page is an excellent way to offer lost customers something quick to move forward to - here, the most common use-case is to show the most popular products from across the shop.

The "no search results found" page
Another great way to show relevant product recommendations to customers reaching a dead-end is to show product recommendations if your current search solution can't find any relevant results. Here it's most common to display the most popular products in the shop.

Landing pages
If you have a blog or other marketing-related landing pages, you can, with great benefit, also embed product recommendations on these pages. Here again, it's most common to show the most popular products - unless the landing page or blog post is about a specific product, then related products could be displayed.

Upselling steps
There are different tactics to enable "upselling steps", this could be a specific upselling page the user gets directed to after adding a product to the basket, or it could be a pop-up being triggered after a product has been added to the basket. In this use-case, it's beneficial to display related products to the Item added to the basket. The upsell recommendations can also be added directly to the product page activated by a "add to basket" button click.

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