Cart Specific URL for Abandoned Cart Emails

Cart Specific URL for Abandoned Cart Emails

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In this guide, you can read and learn about URLs that pertains to the cart for abandoned cart emails.

What is a Cart Specific URL for Abandoned Cart Emails?

When Hello Retail tracks the items in the customer's cart, it's possible to associate a unique URL that allows the customer to return to the shop with the specific cart with the items abandoned.

If the e-commerce platform of your webshop does not provide this feature of a unique URL to restore a cart, the return to cart button is not displayed.

Previewing and Testing

When previewing and testing abandoned cart emails, this page is set as the cart URL (for info purposes). However, when sending real and live abandoned cart emails to customers, it will be set accordingly - or if not possible, the button is hidden.

For more information on how to provide the cart url, see How to set up cart tracking.

If you have any questions about this guide, then please contact Support or your designated account manager about this.

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