Tracking Searches in Google Analytics

Tracking Searches in Google Analytics

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With every product and service from Hello Retail, it will be possible to gather data and insights to help with tracking performance and optimization. If you are using Google Analytics (GA), you can have GA track similar data to integrate the data with your tracking.

Event Tracking

When using Search on your webshop with Google Analytics event tracking enabled,  you can easily track the number of searches and search result clicks generated via search, directly in Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics, these events come in as classic Google Analytics Event trackings with the following meta-data:

Category: Helloretail
Action: the action type (Search or Click)
Label: the search type use (Instant, InfiniteFull or Overlay search)

Here you can also learn more about the Dynamic search statistics.

Google Analytics Site Search

You can configure Google Analytics Site Search to work with the Hello Retail Search.

Simply follow these steps to set this up in Google Analytics:

When logged into Google Analytics, navigate to: Admin -> View -> View Settings.

Here you'll have to toggle "Site search Tracking" to ON (if you haven't already done this).

Then specify the keyword used in your search URL's, as the "Query parameter":


Here's an example of how you identify the keyword used in your search URL:


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