WooCommerce Installation Guide

WooCommerce Installation Guide

Install the helloretail WooCommerce plugin

To integrate helloretail with your WooCommerce webshop, simply follow these easy steps to install the official helloretail plugin for WooCommerce and get it set up:

  1. Login to your WP Admin.
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add new: 
  3. Switch to Upload plugin
  4. Download the helloretail plugin for WooCommerce here - current version 1.2.0
    Choose the file from your disk/computer and Install the plugin:
  5. Now you simply have to Activate the "helloretail plugin", in the Plugin list:
  6. Now the helloretail plugin for WooCommerce has been installed.
    Simply navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > helloretail - here you can paste in your helloretail partner ID:

    You can find your helloretail partner ID, by logging into your helloretail business account and navigating to Data Setup.

Create a blank search page

For helloretail dynamic search to work on your webshop, you'll have to create a new blank page – for the search results to be displayed on. Please follow these simple steps to create a new blank search page in Wordpress (WooCommerce):

  1. Login to your WP Admin.
  2. Navigate to Pages > Add new page:
  3. Provide a relevant pagename for this new page, e.g. "Search results" and publish the page:
  4. Make sure this page does not show up in the navigation of your webshop. This depend on how you've implemented the actual navigation of new pages for your website. However, normally pages does not show up be default.
  5. Finally, submit the url to your blank search page, by sending a mail to: support@helloretail.com
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