Understanding Newsletter Content analytics

Understanding Newsletter Content analytics

Each newsletter campaign that you sent out will return analytics regarding the performance. The data is valuable to gain insight into what is working well and what might need some adjustments.

To find the analytics navigate to Newsletter Content > Analytics.


The first thing you’ll see is an overview of all sent and active campaigns, grouped by campaign type (if you are using different campaign types).

You can easily see campaign details, like:

  • the name of the campaigns
  • the configuration used (if it’s an Auto campaign)
  • when the campaign was created
  • as well as the opens, clicks, and number of orders

But the critical part to notice, is that opens and clicks are split up across Personalised content and Default content:

  • Personalized content is where the Hello Retail solution has been able to identify the customer – to use the customers’ historical browsing and purchasing patterns to display personalized content recommendations.
  • Default content is where the Hello Retail solution has not been able to identify the customers and therefore displays the default content.

Specific campaign details
When navigating to the specific details of a particular campaign, you’ll be able to see overall metrics for the campaign. As on the page before, the numbers are split into personalized and default content. If you click one of the orders on the list at the bottom, you will see specific details about the order.


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