Configuring your search engine

Configuring your search engine

As a part of Dynamic search, you can easily modify the settings controlling the search engine used for your webshop – so you are 100% in control of the search behaviour your visitors are experiencing.

As a part of this configuration, you can weight the priority of a selection of key product data attributes as well as specify the desired outcome of the search results.

You find the settings under Search -> Search Engines -> Edit search settings.

You can weight the priority of the following product data attributes:

  • Product popularity, algorithmically calculated product popularity score based on all your webshop visitors and customers browsing and purchasing patterns.
  • Title, the actual title of the product in your webshop.
  • Keywords, the specified keywords of the product in your webshop.
  • Description, the description of the product in your webshop.
  • Brand, the product brand name for each product (if this data attribute is available)

On top of this, you can also control the search behaviour:

  • Include products that are out of stock, you can choose if you would like products out of stock to show up in search results or not.
  • Include approximate matches or Require full phrase match, "approximate matches" are fuzzy matching the search term to find similar or lookalike words where "full phrase match" are matching exact words and phrases.
  • Split compound words in search, are using our default dictionary to split compound words, to extend the search results.

Here's an example of how easy it is to modify your search engine settings – with inline preview of how results are affected:


Here you can also learn more about the design and layout options available in Dynamic search.

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