Website's Indexed product fields

Website's Indexed product fields

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What is Indexed product fields

When a website has been set up in our system and we've had a chance to load in some of its product data; the system then know about the fields that are available for the products of that website in our system.
From this list of fields, some of them will be standard product fields (like "price" or "title") fully compatible with our system and others will be custom ones.

Many of the standard product fields are already optimized and indexed, which makes them efficient candidates for doing filtering and sorting on. There are also some of the standard product fields are, due to their nature and data, not really suited to be indexed.

You find the all indexed product fields in the "Product Fields" table under the "Indexed" column.


The "Always" fields

The fields marked with a check mark and a text "Always" are the standard product fields that are always indexed. Their check mark cannot be removed and, thus they will always be optimized and available as sorting and filtering options.

The fields without a checkbox

The fields without check boxes are the standard product fields that are not suitable for indexing so they can be used in sorting or filtering.  

Fields that are in use

The rightmost column is called "In use" this column shows if the field is used for sorting or filtering in a Search (by the letter "S") or Page Design (by the letter "P"). You can hover the letters to see the name of the search or page design, and you can click them to get directly to their edit page.

The fields that are in use cannot be removed from the index until the field is removed from the sorting or filtering of the Search or Page Design that is using it

Configuring indexed product fields

First navigate to the "Product Fields" edit page:

Then simply tick on or off the fields that should be indexed and press save in the bottom of the screen. If you have altered some of the indexed fields a pop up will show.
The pop up ask you if you wish to re-index all product with the current setting that you just saved. If you wish to make changes, then click cancel, add or remove more fields, and then press save again. 
The re-indexing simple goes through all existing products data that we currently have for your shop and makes sure, that the newly changed index settings gets applied to them. If a full re-index of the products is performed, then it will take some time before all products has gotten the new index setting applied.
When you are ready, and clicking "Confirm" will close the pop up and the status of the index will start to spin with the text "Running full re-index..."

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