Hello Retail Performance Tracking

Hello Retail Performance Tracking

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In this guide, you can read and learn about tracking the performance of our services.

Hello Retail provides various data points for you to assess the performance of the services we provide. When you log in to your Hello Retail account, the first thing you see is the Dashboard. Here we provide instant performance statistics that will give you insight into how Hello Retail helps your business grow. 

Performance overview

On your dashboard, you will be presented with the following statistics:

Box 1: Comparative order size

Providing your customers with relevant product recommendations or search results will result in a higher probability of completed purchases as well as larger order sizes.

Through the statistics in the first box, you will see how the order size of customers who are not interacting with Hello Retail features compares to those how are. In the example above, the average order size is 25% larger when the customer interacts with Hello Retail on the shop—from 457.30 to 575.80 DKK. Of course, this varies a lot from shop to shop but generally, Hello Retail users see a significant difference in order size.

Box 2: Comparative conversion rate

As stated above, the relevant product recommendations from Hello Retail will increase the number of completed purchases vs. the number of visitors aka conversion rate—the percentage of visitors to your shop that complete an order.

The visitors are divided into two groups: visitors that did not interact with Hello Retail features and visitors who did. In each group, we calculate how many visitors completed an order and then simply compare the rates. In the example above, we see a significant increase in the conversion rate for visitors interacting with Hello Retail.

Box 3: Average Hello Retail identified users

Hello Retail monitors user behavior of any visitor on your shop from first-time visitors to recurring happy customers. The data of every visitor is tied to a unique cookie so that we can monitor each visitor independently. In some instances, Hello Retail can link the cookie to a specific email address either through interaction with newsletters or a few other methods.

In this box, you can see how many visitors Hello Retail has been able to identify with an email address. This identification is mainly relevant if you use Hello Retail newsletters content since this identification allows for personalized recommendations. You can read more about how to improve the identification here.

Box 4: Conversions attributed with Hello Retail

This is a simple statistic showing the number of completed orders where the customer has interacted with Hello Retail features leading up to the order. Customers like relevant products, and we like conversions—everyone is happy!

Notes about the data and session times

The data explained above needs to be interpreted in relation to how Hello Retail attributes a conversion to our features. This is especially important when you are comparing to other statistics, for example Google Analytics, where the calculations might be made on another basis. This is why direct comparison needs to take the underlying session times into account. Naturally, some time will pass between interaction with a Hello Retail feature to an order is placed—the session time will define if the order will be attributed to that interaction.

When Hello Retail observes that an order has been placed, we look through the customer's activity within the past 24 hours. If the customer has interacted with Hello Retail features within that time frame, the conversion will be attributed to Hello Retail.

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