Avoid sending abandoned cart emails to converted users

Avoid sending abandoned cart emails to converted users

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 The abandoned cart trigger as a part of Triggered emails, is 100% based on tracking of visitors events throughout their visit (session) on a webshop. For Abandoned cart to work, tracking of carts and all conversions are essential.

As a part of the cart tracking, all visitor carts are automatically tracked. Once an order/conversion are tracked - the current visitors tracked cart are automatically cleared and reset by the Hello Retail business tracking solution. That is why, ensuring you are tracking all orders/conversions in your webshop, no matter what payment solution is chosen by the customer in the checkout flow. Meaning, the conversion tracking should be implemented on all possible receipt pages (whether a user decided to pay with credit card, MobilePay, Klarna, ViaBill, PayPal etc.)

If not all conversions are track, there's a risk of sending abandoned cart emails to users who've completed an order (as the Hello Retail solution, will not know about the order/conversion, if this is never tracked).

We know some alternative payment solutions can be hard to track, e.g. if the payment receipt is shown by your 3rd party payment provider.

Our main recommendation is always to ensure you are tracking all order/conversions. However, if you are not able to do this - we have an alternative method for you to implement and use, but you must be aware that this method can lower the potential amount of abandoned cart emails sent.

If you can't ensure conversion tracking are executed on all orders/conversions - you can implement a tracking hook call, in the last possible step of your checkout flow. You have to do this to ensure a tracked cart are cleared before a user are redirected to the 3rd party payment provider - where you are not able to track the orders/conversions.
This are done by calling the Hello Retail tracking JavaScript SDK method called: "setCart", and set the cart to be empty. You can learn more about this JavaScript SDK method here.

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