Auto Sync of HeyLoyalty Permissions

Auto Sync of HeyLoyalty Permissions

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Here's a simple guide, taking you through the process of automatically synchronising the permissions from your HeyLoyalty account.

Generating an API Key

Step 1: First thing you have to do, is to find or generate an API key within your HeyLoyalty account. To do so, log into your HeyLoyalty account at

When you are logged into HeyLoyalty follow this video guide or continue reading below. 

Find HeyLoyalty API Key

Step 2: Navigate to: Konto (Avatar with drop-down in the top right corner) Kontooplysninger > Scroll down to API Key/API Secret. 

Step 3: Copy and save both API Key and API Secret for later use.

Inserting the API Key into Hello Retail

Step 1: Once you have your HeyLoyalty API key, simply navigate to Data Setup > Permissions, then click the Set up automatic permission synchronisation button: 


Step 2: As the next step, you'll have to:

  1. select HeyLoyalty in the Type drop-down
  2. paste your HeyLoyalty API Key into the API-Key field & API Secret into its field accordingly. 
  3. and finally, select the list from your HeyLoyalty account you would like to sync in the List drop-down:

    Remember to click Save.

Step 3: Now you are done, and moving forward your HeyLoyalty list permissions will automatically be synchronised on a daily basis.

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