Nordisk E-Handel Installation Guide

Nordisk E-Handel Installation Guide

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In this guide, you can read and learn about setting up with Nordisk E-Handel.

Contact the Platform

Please contact your platform provider to have them install the "Hello Retail plugin" and then have the conversion tracking added to your checkout.

You need to provide them with your Hello Retail partner ID. You can get this ID from your Customer Success Manager at Hello Retail or read this guide here on how to find it: Where Do I Find my Hello Retail Partner ID?

Create a Blank Page for Search Results

The following section is only relevant for setups for a full search.

The following steps are on how to install your search results on a blank page for Nordisk E-Handel:

  1. Start by logging into your Nordisk E-Handel admin account.
  2. Navigate to Sidor > Sidor
  3. Choose to Add new page (”Skapa ny sida”)
  4. Give the page a suitable address and headline, i.e. /searchresults.html and Sökresultat.

  5. Finally, share the URL of this new page with Hello Retail to finalize the setup of the search.

Configure Webshop

After the installation setup of your platform and the onboarding flow, make sure to have your webshop configured. Read this guide here on how to do so:

Configure Webshop

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