How to Supply Historical Order Data Through a Feed

How to Supply Historical Order Data Through a Feed

The data in the Hello Retail conversion span is gathered once the Hello Retail script is loaded and the span is available on the page. However, if you want Hello Retail to utilize historical data of products purchased together, you can provide an order-feed – preferably as a CSV (.csv), JSON (.json) or XML (.xml) file.

This order-feed should contain the information and be structured as listed below:

  • The order number of the purchase
  • The total sum (value) of the purchase
  • The date of the purchase
  • A list of the products in the order. Preferably as product number, or alternatively productURLs corresponding to those used on site can also be used.
  • The email address of the customer

This can either be submitted in a format where the order number itself is a "closed entity" with all the information about the order, or as a simple list where the order number is duplicated once per purchased item (in this case the value of each occurrence of the sum should be the total sum and not the value of each product line).


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