About the Hello Retail cookies

About the Hello Retail cookies

Here you'll find a detailed explanation about the four individual cookies helloretail is setting when a user is visiting your webshop.

awtracking: This is the visitor's unique ID, which is used for tracking - so helloretail can recognize the visitor as well as ensure the best possible and personal experience of the visitor across the helloretail features in your webshop. This is also an essential part of the relations graph helloretail are generating on top of all your products.

chosenLang: This is the language identifier of the visitor, this is mainly used to ensure a local language experience of the user when interacting with the helloretail wish list.

AWSELB: This is an internal and technical ID for the individual visitor, to ensure the load balancing part of the scalable helloretail server setup (hosted on Amazon) are connecting the visitor session with the corresponding data center.

JSESSIONID: This is also an internal and technical ID assigned to the individual visitor to keep track of and identify the same session across the internal helloretail infrastructure.

In general, the use-case of the helloretail cookies is to gather and track visitor behavior – to ensure the helloretail solution can deliver a personal and relevant shopping experience across the helloretail features you've enabled in your webshop.

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