Sleeknote integration

Sleeknote integration

With the integration to our partner, Sleeknote, you can easily use Hello Retails personalization engine to promote your products in their popup boxes. 


To add Hello Retail product recommendations to Sleeknote simply follow these few steps:

  1. In Sleeknote go to the campaign you want to add your Hello Retail product recommendations.
  2. Click Add Elements in the tab in the upper right corner.

  3. Drag and drop the Hello Retail plugin to the area your want to have your product recommendations placed in the popup box.
  4. Log into your dashboard and go to the recommendation box you want to use, and copy the Product box key.
  5. Paste the product key into the Sleeknote id field, as shown below. If needed you can change the default layout of the product tiles, and change the CTA text.
  6. Simply save and you are now live with powerful personalized product recommendations.



How do I update an algorithm in Sleeknote?

The good thing about the Sleeknote integration is that after the integration is live you can modify everything in your Hello Retail dashboard, and it will be instantly updated in the Sleeknote integration. If you have product recommendations you only want to show in a Sleeknote popup, we recommend you naming it something in regard to Sleeknote.

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