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Here you will find Q and A for the most common questions concerning GDPR and the Hello Retail DPA


Question: What is the GDPR and the DPA that I need?

Answer: The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced to unify all EU member states' approaches to data regulation, ensuring all data protection laws are applied identically in every country within the EU. It will protect EU citizens from organizations using their data irresponsibly and puts them in charge of what information is shared, where and how it's shared.

As a company that processes your data, to build and serve the business features, we need to have an agreement to be compliant of the general GDPR. Such an agreement is called a Data Processor Agreement (DPA), and our layout of such can be found here

When you sign-up for the Hello Retail you will be asked to accept our DPA as well as our general terms.


Question: Who is Hello Retail using as sub-processors? 
Answer: We keep a list updated all the time of our sub-processors, and it can be found here


Question: Why doesn't the DPA say anything about how long time you store the data?
Answer: As a data processor we are not required based from the GDPR to have that information in the DPA, as we are simply just processing the data for our clients.


Question: If I have a customer that wants to delete or receive their tracked data, what do I do?
Answer: In that case, please contact our support department at and we will assist you.


Question: Does the Hello Retail service change after the implementation of the GDPR is in effect from 25th of May 2018?
Answer: No, Hello Retail has always kept a high level of security and data processing transparency, as described in our privacy policy. The changes are basically on the wording and information level as for who we use as our data sub-processors and what data we gather.


Question: According to the GDPR we would like to offer our individual visitors to be able to opt-out of any data tracking, how do we do that?
Answer: We have implemented a simple JavaScript endpoint to initiate if a specific user wishes to turn off any Hello Retail data tracking. You Hello Retail services will still work, but the individual user will no longer be tracked. We recommend that you place a link somewhere in your support section. The link can be formed and stated as you would want, but you need to call the following JavaScript method: You can read more about this method in our API docs
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