How to edit a Product Recommendation box

How to edit a Product Recommendation box

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Here you'll find a simple guide taking you through the process of editing the template code used to render a Product Recommendation box and controlling the insertion of the Product Recommendation box on your webshop's pages.


Step 1: Navigate to Recommendations -> Overview:


Step 2: Choose a recommendation of the Recommendation box you wish to alter:

Step 3: Here, you can edit the settings of the Product Recommendation box:

Step 4: In the "Design" section you can choose one of the standard designs available and edit simple texts like headlines etc.:
If you would like to alter the template code (HTML/CSS code) used for rendering the specific box, you can click the "Go to design" button  to switch to template code mode:


Step 5: In "Placement settings", you can find the details on how to add the box to a page or template of your webshop:

If you have a customer selector set up to insert the box on your webshop, you can also find the selector used under "Placement settings".
And if you wish to change this - you can choose to toggle the selector settings to "Switch to the default selector", then you will be able to use the default selector - by adding the code snippet representing the box to a page or template of your webshop:

Always remember to Save once you have altered anything on the edit page.

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