Available search solutions

Available search solutions

Here you can learn more about how you can control and influence the behavior as well as the design of Dynamic search.

Types and behavior

Regarding behavior and how the search functionality should work on your webshop, there are two use-cases to consider.

  1. The type option we call "Instant" search. Instant search is a very user-friendly feature, starting to show relevant search results as soon as the visitor start typing in the search field - providing a rich and visual interaction with the search functionality.
  2. The classic search results page, here we provide two types of options to choose between "Infinite" or "Full" search.
    Infinite search is simply loading more results, if available, as the user scrolls down the page.
    Full search is a classic paginated search results page, where the user can click to the next page - to explore more results when reaching the bottom of the page.

Design and layout

Design and layout wise you are in control. Hello Retail business always implements the search results to follow the look and feel of your existing webshop design and layout - typical along the lines of how products are displayed in a grid or list on category pages.

For instant search, you can also choose if you would like products to be displayed in a list or grid, as they start to appear when the user are typing.


Here you can also learn more about how to configure your search engine.

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