Introduction to Search

Introduction to Search

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Available Search Solutions

In this guide, you can read and learn about the different search solutions offered at Hello Retail. This includes a brief introduction to understanding how you can design, control and influence the behavior of the search product.

Types & Behavior

Hello Retail offers three different search options:

  • Overlay search
  • Instant search
  • Embedded
  • Full search

Design & Layout

Overlay Search

Overlay search consists of a unified overlay that can show both products and other content on any page, with infinite scrolling, built-in filtering and sorting, and good mobile compatibility.

Instant Search & Full Search

Separate search consisting of one Instant search that works as an in-page suggestion of a few products and will be available on all pages, and one Full search that can show more products, on a separate page just for search results.

Instant search offers two different styles and views:

  • Grid
  • List

Full search offers three different styles and views:

  • Paged
  • Infinite
  • Responsive


The behavior of the search functionality and how you would like to tailor it to fit with your webshop and use case depends on your preferences. 

  1. Instant search is a very user-friendly search feature as it starts to show relevant search results as soon as the visitor on your webshop types inside the search bar.  This provides a rich and visual interaction of the search functionality with the visitor.
  2. For full search, the infinite search is simply loading more results, if available, as the visitor scrolls down the page. Paged search is a classic paginated search results page where the visitor can navigate and click around to the next page in order to explore more results.
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