Pages & Search Engine Optimization

Pages & Search Engine Optimization

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In this guide, you can read and learn about the product Pages and how it will work with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts and strategy. It will include a brief explanation of how Google will crawl the pages and their content, and some additional resources to learn more about SEO and JavaScript. 

How Google Crawls the Pages & Content

It is possible for Google to crawl pages with JavaScript. With JavaScript content, the crawling will add an additional step besides the traditional phases of crawling and indexing. It will be:

  1. Crawling
  2. Rendering
  3. Indexing

This means that it will not affect your SEO efforts and optimization when using our product Pages.

It is important to note that the first initial run of the crawl might take some time to parse as it crawls without JavaScript and then it will be added onto it to have it enabled.

If needed, it is also possible to utilize Hello Retail's API to server-side render the category pages. You can read about it: Introduction to Pages API and API Integration.

Example & Use Case

Check out how it looks for the use case of where the Google Bot crawls with JavaScript enabled.



If you would like to optimize the SEO while using the product Pages, you can read more about  is a shared community utilizing schemas to structure data. These can be used as a way to populate your webpage with meta tags which in turn allows Google to rate and rank your site higher. 

You can read more about what schemas are here and their documentation here.

More resources available to check out:

  • Feel free to check out Google's own JavaScript and SEO playlist here to learn more about best practices for this topic.
  • If you would like to test it out and see if it will look good for the Google crawler and how it renders, you can check out this test tool.
  • If you would like to learn more about how Google crawls for SEO with JavaScript, you can check out their Google Search Central for Documentation.
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