Insights Overview

Insights Overview

Insights is a feature created to keep you updated about recent trends and events happening in the e-commerce market and around your webshop. With Insights, you will always be aware of any valuable information about your customers' behaviour and able to introduce any possible improvements to your webshop. The Insights generation rests upon our continuous data analysis, which means they are not just some static best practices, but actual insights extracted from the data.

There are the following groups of Insights:

  • Actionable:

Intended to point you at any oversights that exist about your webshop and induce you to take some actions to enhance, if necessary, the current state of affairs;

  • Informational:

Provide you with information about the recent e-commerce trends, your customers' preferences, the revenue you generated, and plenty of other tips. You may find them helpful for coming to the proper conclusions about how to run your business impeccably.


When you log into your webshop as a supervisor, you will see a teaser pop-up at the bottom of the page. This teaser relates to the first Insight from the list of Insights generated.

Clicking on the teaser redirects you to the Dashboard, where you can see the Insights. 

The Insights are generated every 7 days and shown from newest to oldest. The idea is to show you the most valuable insights, not overwhelm you with the information.

There are only 5 Insights shown on the page, and you can see the total number of them on the Dashboard sidebar.

We highly appreciate your feedback. It helps us understand your interests to ensure that we provide you with the most helpful Insights.

To do that, you have the Feedback button so that you can send us an email.

You can also click on thumbs up or down for each particular Insight. Once the feedback is given, an Insight moves to the Archive, and a new one pops down in the Open tap.

Another option is, for Actionable Insights (for example, a suggestion to add a synonym), to perform the action suggested. You can do it directly from the Insights section. In this case, similarly to the previous one, an Insight moves to the Archive, and another one appears in the Open tap.

Note If someone you share your account with has followed through with the action, this Insight is no longer actionable for you. Instead, you will see a notice that someone has completed the Insight and you can only choose to click on thumbs up or down.

From the Archive, you can see the early Insights moved there after your feedback or action.

Note When it's time for new and relevant Insights to be released, they substitute the old ones passed over in the Open tab. However, you can always see the previous Insights in the Archive tab, where they end up when the new ones are available.
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