Redirecting to your Mailchimp Unsubscribe form

Redirecting to your Mailchimp Unsubscribe form

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Here's a guide on how to redirect unsubscribers directly to your Mailchimp unsubscribe form:

Step 1: Start by logging in to Mailchimp and navigate to Lists
  Step 2: Choose your subscriber list


Step 3: Navigate to Signup forms


Step 4: Here you Select "General forms"


Step 5: In the form's drop-down you have to select "Unsubscribe form" to edit and get information about your list specific forms.

Here you must copy the Unsubscribe form URL


Step 6: Now you'll have to navigate to Triggered emails > Settings > Unsubscribes in your helloretail account to paste in the Unsubscribe form URL from Mailchimp.

Then add the following at the end of your Mailchimp Unsubscribe form URL: &EMAIL={{ email }}. This is required, and will automatically fill in the email address of the user clicking the link.


Step 7: Remember to Save your changes for this to take effect.

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