Manage the Price of Recommended Products

Manage the Price of Recommended Products

In this guide, you can read and learn about managing the prices of recommended products.

You might want to control the price of Recommended Products — for example, to make sure that products recommended at check-out are below a certain price, as customers might be more likely to add a cheap product at the last minute rather than an expensive one. Or maybe you have a row of Product Recommendations that should only include cheap t-shirts. Whatever your wish is, Hello Retail allows you to control the price very easily and here you'll see how.

  1. Start by logging into your Hello Retail account. On the dashboard view, navigate to the left-hand side menu. Under the Recommendations section, click on Recommendations to unfold the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, click the recommendation configuration you want to edit.

This picture shows step 1 and 2 to edit the recommendation configuration.

    3. You will see a few options for configuring the recommendations. Scroll down to the box named Recommendation strategy to unfold it and click on the Add filter button.

This will add a Global Filter. This means that it will take effect on all recommendations in this particular placement. You can read more about the various filtering options here but you can keep reading this guide if you only wish to control the prices for now.

You will see two drop-down menus that will let you choose a filter and how the filter should work. As we want to control the price, in the first drop-down, we pick price.

This picture shows the possible choices for the filter drop-down menu.

The next drop-down contains these filter options:

This picture shows the possible choices for how the filter should work for the filter in the drop-down menu.

  • matches
  • does not match
  • greater than
  • less than

So, if we pick less than, the filter will pick only products where the price is less than whatever we define in the last field.

In the last field, we define the price that the recommended product prices should be less than. This could, for example, be 200DKK. The filter will look like this:

So, with this filter, Hello Retail will only show products with a price under 200DKK for this particular recommendation placement. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Other price filtering options

When you click the last field to edit the price, you will see a few other options available rather than defining a specific amount. These options are

  • $price
  • $user.avgPrice
  • Free shipping at 500, max 200 more than required

These options are more dynamic and work in the following way:


If you choose this option, the filter will use the price of the particular product the customer is currently viewing. For example, if the Product Recommendations are shown on a product page of a product priced at 300DKK, the filter "Price — less than – $price" will mean that Hello Retail only shows products cheaper than 300DKK.


This option looks at the historical data of the specific customer currently viewing the product and calculates the average price of the customer's previously viewed and purchased products. Thereby you can, for example, choose that all recommended products should be cheaper than the customer's average price range.

Free shipping at 500, max 200 more than required

This option is meant for recommendations shown on the checkout page of your shop. Many shops offer free shipping if the total order price exceeds a certain amount. If the free shipping amount is not reached for a customer, it is valuable to recommend additional products to push the total checkout amount over the free shipping amount. This filtering option does just that.

When you select it, the field will write 

    $price|freeShipping:500, 200

where 500 is the free shipping amount that you can edit to fit your shop. The "200" relates to how much the recommended product prices can go above the remaining amount before reaching free shipping.

For example, a customer has products for 300DKK in their basket, and free shipping is at 500DKK. With this filter, the customer will be recommended products priced up to 400DKK. So, 500 - (total price of the basket) + 200. You can edit both 500 and 200 however you wish.

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