Locate Template ID for Auto Campaigns

Locate Template ID for Auto Campaigns

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In this guide, you can read and learn about how to find the template IDs for Auto Campaigns.

For various integrations with newsletter platforms, you might need the so-called Template ID.

In the following steps will show how to find it:

  1. Start by logging into your Hello Retail account. On the dashboard view, navigate to the left-hand side menu. Under the Email section, click on Newsletter Content to unfold the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, from the drop-down menu, click on Auto campaigns.

This picture shows step 1 and 2.

You will see an overview of created Auto Campaigns where each of them will have their own unique Template ID. You can then copy this ID.



If you have any questions about this guide, then please contact Support or your designated account manager about this.

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