Browser Support Policy

Browser Support Policy

Hello Retail has a set of guidelines for what browser versions are supported for both the product recommendations & search as well as the dashboard (admin area). The purpose of this policy is to allow for rapid development so we can deliver new features quickly, efficiently and we can do it as close to bug-free as possible.

Product recommendations & Search:

For our product recommendations and search, we support all browsers that have more than 1% of usage, based upon the statistics from W3Schools ( This doesn't mean that the solutions don't work on older browsers but we cannot promise a full & bug-free experience in the very old browsers.

The current support is as follows:

Desktop browsers:

  • Any modern Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari & Microsoft Edge browser

Mobile browsers:

  • Any modern Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Google Chrome browser

Dashboard (Admin area)

To deliver a superior experience in the dashboard, we rely on the use of progressive web technologies. Currently, the following browsers are supported and recommended to use for our dashboard:

Desktop Browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Latest 2 versions
  • Mozilla Firefox: Latest 2 versions
  • Apple Safari: Latest 2 versions
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest 2 versions

If you have any questions for browser support, then don't hesitate to contact us.

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