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Pages Analytics

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Pages Analytics enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of the most relevant information about the popularity, trends and performance of your online store's Category and Brand Pages.

You can choose a product page to focus on and specify the time period you need.

The dashboard is divided into sections providing a specific sort of analytics:


Total Sessions

Shows you the number of sessions your customers had on the product page chosen, compared to the previous period.

A session is a time frame during which your customer performs a number of actions on your webshop. The default length of one session is 30 minutes, however, you can adjust it to the period you need. Every click on a product link, next page, setting filters, etc., restarts the countdown and extends the session by another 30 minutes.

A session ends either upon the expiry of said 30 minutes due to inactivity, at midnight (local time) or if a customer switches a campaign and comes back with a different one. Therefore, a single user can launch more than one session.

Calculation of sessions occurs so that non-interaction sessions are neither taken into account nor incremented, while a new-user session is always incremented, even though that session is a non-interaction one.


Average Order Value

Here you can see the average amount of revenue you had over the chosen period and for the chosen category, based on the overall number of orders.


Total Revenue

Presents the aggregate revenue amount you received in the specified time.


This section contains information about what category or brand pages on your online store see an increase in demand and revenue during the specified period.

Top Trending shows you the top three pages and the number of sessions for them, accompanied by the percentage ratio compared to the previous period.

Tip Keeping an eye on what trending products are is crucial for the success of your e-commerce business. Trends are typically based on seasons, releases, news, etc. Knowing what is trending helps you have products in stock at the right time to increase your sales by miles.

Most Popular 

Pages with the highest number of sessions, which speak for an increasing interest in the products available on them, are presented here. This means that here you can see the product pages your customers browse the most.

Tip Knowing the most popular brands/categories can help you localise issues like a poor performing conversion rate on a specific brand/category.
Sometimes your most popular brand/category is not converted into sales. You can change this by looking into where the customer bounces off and conclude whether it is because you are missing the right products from the brand/category, sizes, colours etc.


Most effective 

This section provides you with information about the pages with the highest click-through rate. That means the number of customers who clicked on a specific product compared to the total number of customers who visited the page.


Tip Effective products are a strong indicator for you to have the right products and/or the products sparking your customers' interest. The most effective products can, as the most popular ones, give you an even stronger indication of what your customers are interested in. If you have a product with an extremely high CTR but a low CR — this might be a strong indication that something is wrong. Maybe it is the right product, but the wrong colour or size etc.

Here you can find the most lucrative product pages bringing you the most value and the amount of revenue they made.

Tip Awareness of your best-performing products and changes to these can help you anticipate any future slowdowns in sales and, therefore, evade overstocking your currently best-performing products.



This section covers the pages with the lowest click-through rate, which indicates some low interest in those pages from your customers.

Tip This feature helps you review your marketing strategy and steer it in a direction to increase sales for the Least effective pages on your store.

This section shows the product pages generating the lowest amount of revenue.



All Category Pages

Also, you can see a list of all existing category and brand pages on your online store. You can sort them according to the number of sessions, click-through rate or amount of revenue they generated.


Clicking on a particular category or brand page, in any of the above sections, redirects you to a new page, populated with analytics dedicated to the specific category/brand page you chose.

This is a drill down version of the Overall Page Analytics reflecting the following details for a specific page:



Here you can see the number of sessions compared to the previous period.


Conversion Rate

Shows you the rate of conversion for the page you’ve chosen.


Average Order Value

The average amount of revenue obtained from purchases of products from the selected page within the specified time.



The number of purchases made from the specified category/brand page over the time chosen.


Click-Through Rate

The ratio of impressions getting clicks within the category/brand page.



This section provides you with a graphical representation of statistics related to the category/brand page within the specified time period using the following indicators:

  • Number of Clicks on the products from the chosen page;

  • Conversions made within the category/brand page;

  • Number of Sessions that occurred on the category/brand page;

  • Number of impressions (views).



The number of impressions on the page, including the application of filters as well as loading more products on the page, e.g. pagination.



How many times your customers clicked on the products within the page.



The amount of revenue you generated over the specified period regarding the specific page.


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