DanDomain Classic installation guide

DanDomain Classic installation guide

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Installing the Hello Retail partner JavaScript

Note, this guide is for DanDomain Classic. Please follow this guide, if you are using the latest platform.

Log in to the admin part of your DanDomain webshop. Navigate to Indstillinger > Site. Click the small edit icon ("Rediger") – next to the webshop you want to add the JavaScript to: 

Now paste your Hello Retail partner JavaScript and cart tracking into the bottom of the Kodefelt (head section) field: 

<script async src="https://helloretailcdn.com/helloretail.js"></script>
    window.hrq = window.hrq || [];
    hrq.push(['init', {}]);
    hrq.push(function(sdk) {
            .then((response) => response.json())
            .then((basketData) => {
                var total = basketData.basketTotalProductPriceWithoutVat + basketData.basketTotalVat;
                if (total > 0) {
                    var productNumbers = basketData.basket.map(function(p){
                        return p.productNumber.trim();
                    var quantities = basketData.basket.map(function(q){
                        return q.quantity;

                    var cartUrl = document.location.origin +
                        '/shop/showbasket.html?AddMultiple=1&ProductID=' +
                        productNumbers.join("|") +
                        '&Amount=' + quantities.join("|");
                        total: total,
                        url: cartUrl,
                        productNumbers: productNumbers

Remember to save your changes.

Make your product data available for Hello Retail

Here's how to expose product data to Hello Retail:

  1. Navigate to Indstillinger > Integration - here, choose to add a new user ("Tilføj ny bruger")
  2. Fill out the details as shown below and press "Gem" (notat is optional): 
  3. Now you will be given an API key. Make sure you copy this, as it will be hidden once you close the window: 
  4. As the final step, you'll have to send the API key to Hello Retail along with your site ID and webshop domain (e.g. my-webshop.com).
    Note: You'll find your site ID by navigating to Indstillinger > Site

Make conversion data available to Hello Retail

Navigate to Design > Tekster/Knapper, then select the page Bestil step 4 (Ordrebekræftelse) 

Now add the code below to the field called Kodefelt

<span class="addwish-conversion" style="display:none" data-total="[[AdWordsSubTotalInclVAT]]" data-ordernumber="[[OrderID]]" data-email="[[CUSTOMEREMAIL]]"></span>

Remember to Save your changes.

Create a blank search page

Finally, you need to create a blank search page, for the dynamic search feature to use.

  1. Navigate to Design > Egne sider > Opret side
  2. Now, create a "Indholdsside" with a relevant name, e.g. "Søgeresultater": 

    Remember to Save the page.
  3. Now the page has been saved, scroll down the page to the Parameter section – here you'll find the URL of this new page: 

    Please share this new blank search page URL with Hello Retail, by sending the url to support@helloretail.com. One of the Hello Retail team will then finalize the setup of dynamic search.

    Note, that in order to be compliant with current standards for user tracking, you should read this documentation, that explains how cookie tracking can be set on a range of more common consent tools.


Configure Webshop

After the installation setup of your platform and the onboarding flow, make sure to have your webshop configured. Read this guide here on how to do so:

Configure Webshop

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