Adding recommendations with Miva's Visual Page Editor

Adding recommendations with Miva's Visual Page Editor

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Miva Visual Page Editor


Hello Retails recommendations support Miva's new Visual Page Editor and make it easy to move the recommendation blocks around on your webshop. Just follow these simple steps to begin. 

To install the Hello Retail Recommendations plugin, start by downloading the plugin attached to this article. Then head to the User Interface -> Flex Components, and click the upload button and upload the plugin.

After the plugin is installed the plugin, you can now click Create Component, and you will now see the Hello Retail Product Recommendations plugin:



When you add the plugin you have two required options:

  1. Component Name
  2. Recommendations ID


The Component Name is just your internal name. It is beneficial to describe the content of the recommendations in case you have multiple recommendation bands on a page.

The Recommendations ID is the ID of the recommendation box you have created in Hello Retail. You can find it by going to Recommendations -> Overview and then picking the box you want, and copying the Product box key:



If you want any padding to the recommendation band, it can be added from the Advanced tab in the plugin:


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