Setup Markup Insertion Requirements

Setup Markup Insertion Requirements

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This guide is part of a general setup guide for Manual Setup. Find the main page for the full general guide here. If you are developing for a Single Page Application and don't want to use the rendering through Hello Retail, then you don't need to follow the guide below.

Recommendation boxes

Hello Retail's recommendation boxes can be loaded by adding container Div's with specific ID's to the site's markup. You can find an article on how to find the IDs for your site here.

For extensions, if possible, we recommend that you make a UI that allows setting the ID's of the container Div's from within your platform, as this makes it easy to change the relation between container Div's and the content loaded.


To support Hello Retails search product you will need to do two things:

1: Supply an empty page to display the full page search results on. Besides the navigation and other things that are on your base page, we need you to add a container Div in which we will insert the results

<div id="hr-search-results"></div>

2: Add an ID to the search-bar to be used with Hello Retails instant search feature.
Altering the existing markup is preferable to replacing the old one, as this means the old one will continue to work right up until Hello Retail takes over the functionality.

<input id="hr-search-input"></input>


Unsupported platforms:


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