Website's Product Grouping

Website's Product Grouping

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What is Product Grouping

The concept of Product Grouping is tightly coupled to the web-shop concept of having variant products (some platforms call it "configurable products") - the way of having 1 main specific product that can have multiple variants (i.e. a specific sofa in multiple colors).

In our system, the concept of Product Grouping is introduced to give you a way to have these variant products to not all appear in the same result of recommendation, email, search or page result. 

If you set the Product Grouping to be "title", then only the first product with a certain title will appear, even if there are more with that same title. The remainder products that share the title will simply not be returned as a result.
If you chose the Product Grouping to be "title" and "imgUrl", then only the first product that share the same title and image will appear.

As you can imagine, some products, like a sofa, have the same product title but have different images. So you can use the Product Grouping settings to decide if you want all the sofa variants to appear in the results or only the first.

Now, sometimes it is not always as simple as the title or image, but you can tick on or off the fields that you think suits what should be shown.

 [Image showing the product grouping configuration table]

Configuring Product Grouping

First navigate to the Product Fields page in the left menu bar:


Simply tick on/off the fields that you think should go into product grouping and then press the "Save" button in the bottom of the screen.
The changes to you Product Grouping will be effective almost immediately.

Default values

The default values for Product Grouping is usually "title" and "imgUrl", this give a good balance for the product results in Search and Recommendations where only one product of the same title and exact same image will show in the results.

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