How to create your own Product Recommendations

How to create your own Product Recommendations

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 You can easily make your own Product Recommendations from your Hello Retail backend. Here you can make the design, a custom recommendation strategy, choose how many products you want to show and much more.


Log into your Hello Retail backend here;


Step 1: 

From the left sidebar menu, navigate to: ON-SITE > Recommendations > Overview.


Step 2:

Now, on this page, you can see all of your active Product Recommendations in a list. If nothing is shown, you have no Product Recommendations set up on your website. 

In this example, we will build a new recommendation and then edit it afterward.

Click the button "Create new". 


Step 3:

Select the type of Product Recommendation you want to create. In this example, we chose Frontpage - Retargeted. 


Step 4:

Now we are on the Box editor page. Here we can edit the fields, we want to change. This could be the name, the number of products, etc. 

 (On the first tab you can change the number of products shown and if you want to show the recommendation on mobile/desktop)

Insert the number of products you want to be shown and where you want the recommendation to be visible. 


  • Number of products - Visible amount of products within this product recommendation.
  • Show - Where do you want your recommendation to appear? You have these 3 options; Only Mobile, Only Desktop or Both on mobile and desktop.

When you have entered the number of products to show and where you want the recommendation to be visible, click 'Design'.

Step 6:

Next step is the Design settings. Here you can choose default design with or with out a slider and also enter a headline for the box.


 (In Design settings you can change the headline of the recommendations and the design)

Design Settings Tab: 

  • Design - choose default design with or without a slider
  • Headline - Title of the product recommendations
  • Go to design - Edit the source code for the recommendation (ADVANCED)

Step 7:

If you are not comfortable with coding, skip this step. 

To edit the source code of the design to make custom changes, click on Designs > Standard designs and pick a design you need from the dropdown menu.

If you are comfortable with code (HTML/CSS) you can edit the source code to your liking. You can see our article on template tags and variables for help on what's available for the code. 

On the first page you'll see the code for the default design, but notice that you cannot edit this code. You will need to create a new design to make your own design. To do so, click Recomendations > Designs  to get to the following page.

Here you can see an overview over existing custom design, if you have made some already. To add a new design, click Add new design.

On this page you'll be able to construct your own design and save it. After this you can select your new design in the drop down menu under the Design tab on the Box editor page.

Step 8:

Our Product Recommendations have a lot of pre-built recommendation strategies, which are built on years of experience with customer behavior. If you want to change these to your own liking, you are more than able to do so by clicking the 'Customize'-button. 

Recommendation Strategy Tab: 

  • Pre-built Strategies Drop-down -  A selection of pre-built recommendation strategies. 
  • Customize - This is for manually editing the chosen strategy. 


When you are satisfied with your recommendation strategy, click Google Analytics.

Step 9:

This page is mostly just for information. Here you can see how this Product Recommendation will a labeled in Google Analytics. So it is possible for you to track its performance through GA (Google Analytics). You can read more about it here.


Step 10:

The last step is to copy the generated code-snippet and insert it where you want the Product Recommendation to appear on your website. When you copied the code-snippet, click Save Draft.

You have now set up your very own Product Recommendation.

To check if the recommendations are working as intended, please check our review guide. If you are happy with the result, you can press Save and publish.

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