Auto Sync of Ubivox permissions

Auto Sync of Ubivox permissions

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Here's a simple guide, taking you through the process of automatically synchronising the permissions from your Ubivox account:

Step 1: The first thing you have to do, is to log in to your Ubivox account, navigate to Account/Konto > Integration > API (XML-RPC):

Step 2: Now choose "Security settings for API/Sikkerhedsindstillinger for API":


Step 3: Here you'll have to generate a "New password/Ny adgangskode" as well as remember your "Account name/Konto navn" and "XML-RPC username/brugernavn" (Your account name/konto navn is found as part of the XML-RPC URL as shown in the top red box below):


Step 4: Once you have your Ubivox account name, username and password ready, navigate to Data Setup > Permissions, then click the Set up automatic permission synchronisation button:  

Step 5: As the next step, you'll have to:

  1. Select Ubivox in the Type drop-down
  2. Paste your Ubivox account name into the Account name field, the username into the XML-RPC username field and your password into the Password field.
  3. Finally, the List field will have changed to a drop-down menu - select the Ubivox list that you want to synchronise:

    Remember to click Save.

Step 6: Now you are done, and moving forward your Ubivox list permissions will automatically be synchronised daily.

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