Understanding the Different Campaign Types

Understanding the Different Campaign Types

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Hello Retail offer three different types of newsletter campaigns. The different campaigns provide varying levels of automation and the choice of which one to use is a matter of how much you want to be in direct control. Be aware, though, that not all campaign types are available for every newsletter platform.

  1. Auto campaign: the 100% automated solution. After setup, the auto campaign will automatically renew the personalized content in every consecutive newsletter using the latest data provided by your customers browsing habits.
  2. Rolling campaign: as with the auto campaign, this solution is in principle also 100% automatic, but the personalized products are renewed after a manually set time period. This type is also suitable for other autogenerated emails other than newsletters.
  3. Manual campaign: one instance of personalized content intended for a one time use. For every newsletter, a new manual campaign must be created.

You can generate multiple campaigns of the same or different types

Auto Campaign

Auto campaign is a fully automated solution. You only have to configure it once, and it will automatically renew the personalized content each time you send out a new newsletter. Auto campaign requires that your newsletter platform can provide a unique campaign ID that will tell Hello Retail, that a new newsletter has been sent out. Then Hello Retail will make sure the personalized content is renewed and based on the latest data. If your newsletter cannot provide such an ID, Auto campaign cannot function properly.

Currently supported platforms:

  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Ubivox
  • Apsis
  • Bizwizard
  • Heyloyalty
  • Klaviyo
  • Nomiro
  • SmartFocus
  • Rule

Here's a guide on how to set up your first Auto campaign configuration.

Rolling Campaign

Rolling campaign is in many ways similar to Auto campaign, as you only have to configure it once, and it can automatically renew the personalized content. But instead of using a unique campaign ID from your newsletter platform, you configure a period of time after which the content will be renewed. So, if you send out newsletters once a week, you can set a renewal time to six days, and the content will be up-to-date with each newsletter. You just have to be aware that sending out a newsletter before the configured renewal time has passed will result in customers receiving the same content as in the last newsletter. Therefore you should configure the renewal time to fit your newsletter schedule.

Since Rolling campaigns are renewed by a time trigger configured in Hello Retails system, such a campaign can easily be implemented in all kinds of automated transaction emails that you send to your customers. Such emails could be order confirmations, shipping emails, "forgotten password" emails, or any other kind of automatic email. Again, you just have to adjust the renewal time to fit the frequency of your customers receiving these types of emails.

You can create multiple Rolling campaigns if you need to have different renewal times for different emails.

Here's a guide on how to set up your first Rolling campaign.

Manual Campaign

Manual campaign is a one-time campaign designed for single use. The personalized content will not be renewed within the same campaign configuration, so a new campaign is required with each newsletter.

Here's a guide on how to create your first manual campaign.

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