Hello Retail Features

Hello Retail Features

In this section you’ll find detailed information about the different Hello Retail solutions and how you can use them in your eCommerce store.


Automatically generated, AI empowered product recommendations.

Find more details about Recommendations here.

Newsletter Content

Personalized content for newsletters and emails.

Find more details about Newsletter content here.


Intelligent and personalized phonetic search function.

Find more details about Search here.

Triggered Emails

Price drop, back in stock, abandoned cart and post-conversion notifications.

Find more details about Triggered Emails here.


Optimize the customer journey by displaying the right products, at the right time, even in a product catalogue containing thousands of products.

Find more details about category and brand pages.

Audience (free)

Discover hidden knowledge in the vast sea of information about your store and customer base.

Find more details about Audience.

Insights (free)

Analytics made simple. The smart way of staying up to date with trends and key findings about your business. 

Find more details about Insights.

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