Insights for Audience: How to Interpret the Data

Insights for Audience: How to Interpret the Data

When you have created an Audience, you will be presented with a large amount of useful information. Here we will go through what it means.

To find the insights, log into your Hello Retail account and click Audience.


Right away, you will be presented with key data about the Audiences you have created. In the example above, we have created an Audience that shows customers who haven't purchased in 30 days.

In the second column, you see the number of customers in the database that fits the Audience. In the third column, you have the Average Order Size for all customers within the Audience.

The fourth column is the Average Life Time Value. "Life time value " means the total amount of money spent by a customer in your shop, basically telling you what this customer type is "worth" on average in cold cash. The amount is important, because it tells you how much money you should spend targeting this group of customers—there's no reason to spend a large amount of money reaching a group of customers who tend to spend little money on your shop.

The fifth column, Conversion, is the number of orders completed by all customers in the Audience.

The last column is the time the Audience was last updated. Clicking Update will give you the most recent data. It takes some time to update the data, but we will send you an email when the data is ready.

In-depth Insights

To reveal a lot more data about the Audience, click the Name.


Now the magic happens—quite a lot of magic, so let's go through each block of information one by one.


The first block is an overview of the Audience. It shows the number of customers in the Audience and how many permissions you have from the customers. A permission means you have consent from the customer to send promotional emails. The Audience gives you insight into how you can reach these customers with relevant promotional information, so having permissions is crucial. You can read more about permissions and how to keep them up to date here.

You can see when the Audience was last updated with the option to update. Updating takes a while, but you will receive an email when the data is ready.
At the bottom of the block, you can see the Segments included in the Audience.



In the three blocks at the top, you have some of the same data as in the overview on the page before. Conversions shows you the total amount of orders placed by the customers in the Audience. Average Order Size is simply the average order size for the customers in the Audience. Average Order Count is the number of orders placed by the customers in the Audience. With a count of 1, this particular Audience is, on average, not recurring customers, and your efforts in reaching this group could focus on how to get them to return more frequently.



The next part is Value, with two blocks of important information. Life Time Value (Segment) tells you how much money all the customers in the Audience has spent in your shop, so it tells you how much this group is worth for you. Life Time Value (Customer) tells you the same, but pr. customer—so again, the worth of the average customer in the Audience. These numbers give you insight into how much it time and money you should spend pursuing the customers in the Audience. If the Life Time Value is low, maybe your time is better spent pursuing other customers. But if it is high, there's good reason to spend time and money reaching out to the group.


Top Interests

The Interests section gives you insight into what type of products the customers in the Audience are watching. You can see the brands, categories, and products of high interest for the customers, and you can use this information to decide what kind of products you want to promote to them.


The last section is where you find the actual customers in the Audience. You can see the email addresses, average order size for the customer, how much they have spent in total, and how many orders they have placed.

Under Email, you will see that some are listed as "Anonymous". When a customer is listed as anonymous, Hello Retail has not registered a permission to send promotional emails to this particular customer. This can be due to two reasons:

  1. The customer has not given you permission to send promotional emails. There's nothing else to do but collect permissions to get the number of anonymous customers down.
  2. You have the permission, but it has not been uploaded to Hello Retail, so we are not aware, that you have it. It's important do synchronize permissions, so Hello Retail always knows who you can contact, and who you cannot. We have a guide about email addresses and permission here.

Whatever the reason is for the missing permission, Hello Retail will list these customers as anonymous so that you don't accidently send them promotional emails—or spam, as it would be in this case.

Clicking Download emails will generate a list of all available emails ready to upload to your newsletter platform. Then you are ready to reach out to them with promotional material based on your new top tuned insight into the interests of the customers in the Audience.

If you click Download customers, you will get a file containing all the information listed in the block.   

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