How to Add Newsletter Content to HeyLoyalty

How to Add Newsletter Content to HeyLoyalty

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Here's a simple guide on how to add your newsletter content code snippet to Heyloyalty.


It is important to note here that before being able to create an auto campaign, you must have created a design for the newsletter content first. To learn about how to do so, click here. When you have your design ready, then feel free to proceed with this guide to integrate with HeyLoyalty.

How to get your Hello Retail code snippet

Step 1: Firstly, log into your Hello Retail account here and create an auto campaign for your product recommendations that should be in the newsletter. (If you already made a design you can skip to Step 4)

Step 2: When you are logged into your account, navigate to: Newsletter Content > Auto campaigns.

  • If you already have made an "Auto campaign config", click on the "Edit auto campaign config" button. 
  • If you do not have created an "Auto campaign config", follow the steps below.

 (Click "Create new auto campaign config to create a design and code snippet)

Step 3: Fill out the fields. Choose either or 3 products on each row from the drop-down and at last, how many products should be shown in total. (In our example config, we wanted to show three products on each row and six products in total within the newsletter)


(Fill out the fields as shown)

Step 4: You will now be able to select fixed products, these will always be shown and set a "Recommendation strategy" (You can also leave it as default). Now click on the "Code snippet" tab and select "HeyLoyalty" as Newsletter platform and copy the code snippet below as shown.

  (Select HeyLoyalty as newsletter platform and copy the code snippet as shown)

Step 5: You are now done within the Hello Retail account and ready to insert your newsletter content into your HeyLoyalty email template.

How to insert the Hello Retail code snippet into HeyLoyalty

Step 1: Log into your HeyLoyalty account at

Step 2: Inside your admin, you can either add the newsletter content to a template within "Templates" for re-use or add the newsletter content to a single campaign within "Kampagner". 

Step 3: Inside your campaign or template editor, select "1 blok" and then "HTML" as content. Drag it over and place it where you want your newsletter content to be shown within the email. See image below.

(Select "1 blok" and "HTML" as the block content & drag it to the newsletter)

Step 4: After you dragged over the block to your newsletter, click the "Kilde"-button to insert the Hello Retail code snippet.

(Click "Kilde" to get a pop-up window where you have to insert the code snippet)

Step 5: Now insert the code snippet you created earlier and hit "OK", when done.

 (Paste the code snippet you created in "How to get your Hello Retail code snippet)

Step 6: Now save the template or campaign and your newsletter content is implemented.

OBS: You won't be able to see the newsletter content within the email editor. This is due to every product being shown in the newsletter is customized for the subscriber. So don't panic, if it looks like an empty white box in the editor. It will show up when you send out a test email or a real campaign. 

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