Introduction to Triggered Emails

Introduction to Triggered Emails

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What are triggered emails?

Triggered emails are e-mails that are sent out when a user takes certain actions. We offer four types – abandoned cart, price drop, back in stock and post conversion e-mails. Ours include personalized content so they include images of the products left behind or placed on the price drop list. We will look into abandoned cart and price drop as examples for this article.

You can learn more about the four types here. Otherwise, feel free to go directly to each individual categories for more comprehensive section descriptions:

Why should I use them?

Triggered emails are a fantastic way to try to re-engage customers who might otherwise have fallen out of the sales funnel. When customers add something to their cart, they tend to be very interested in buying and may just need a final small nudge towards conversion. This is exactly what abandoned cart notifications do and that makes them a brilliant strategy for optimizing your conversion rates. By sending out these abandoned cart notifications, it ensures that you aren’t missing out on sales.

Price drop notifications help to keep customers interested in your products and can help to meet some of your micro conversion goals such as collecting e-mail subscribers. They remind customers about the products they are interested in and get them back on site.

How do they work?

They work in slightly different ways.

Price drop notifications are a part of our wish list service so in order to use them, you’ll have to be using our wish list widget on your website. When customers add items to their wish list, they’ll automatically receive price drop notifications when items go on sale.

Abandoned cart e-mails are sent out directly by us but can be customized to suit your designs and marketing strategies.

If you have any questions about this guide, then please contact Support or your designated account manager about this.

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