Base Design for Triggered Emails

Base Design for Triggered Emails

The base design will be wrapped around every triggered email, so this is where you insert the company logo, define the general colors and so on. You can read a bit about the overall design of triggered emails here.

To get started, press the Create base design now on the start page of your Hello Retail business account. You can also navigate to Triggered emails > Designs.


You are now presented with the edit page for the base design. Here you can edit a wide range of parameters to customize the design to fit your webshop. Start by giving the design a name - you are able to make multiple base designs, but most just stick to a single design.

If you at any point feel like you have strayed too far from your initial idea, you can always press Reset layout to start over.


In the next few steps, we will show how to change a few of the most important parameters, but you should go through each of them to make sure they fit your design and ideas.

An important step is to add your company logo. You can either use a link to an external image or you can upload the image to assets and copy the name in the field "Header Image Url". Remember to change the Header Background Color to fit your design.


You should also change the button design. Here we have inputted the hex-code for the cyan-blue color. There are several tools (usually called color pickers) online to determine the hex-code of your website colors if you do not know them already. 


Also, remember to change the footer color and content. Often you can just copy/paste the footer content directly from your site.


It is possible to make much more advanced edits to the base design by pressing Edit source. Again, if you make mistakes, you can always go back to start. But do take caution when editing the code, since small changes can impact how the wide range of old and new email-clients can display the email. If you keep to only editing the predefined parameters, the emails should look great everywhere.


After saving the base design, you are ready to design the actual content of the triggered emails.

Learn how to design the Abandoned Cart content here.

Learn how to design the Post Conversion content here.

Learn how to design the Price Drop content here.

Learn how to design the Back in Stock content here.

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